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Creekside Chat: Migratory birds with Ruth Pfeffer!

There are few sounds sweeter than birdsong! Join Ruth Pfeffer for this week’s Creekside Chat on the migratory songbirds you can see in the Wissahickon.


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Presentations & Videos

Creekside Chat: Fun with Fungi with Sam Bucciarelli!

Sam Bucciarelli from the Philadelphia Mycology Club talks all about these fantastic organisms – and where you can find them in the Wissahickon!

Creekside Chat: Native Plants with Lisa Stout!

FOW Crew Leader Lisa Stout talks about the importance of native plants, and how you can use them to bring more wildlife to your backyard!

Creekside Chat: Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Lisa Myers!

Thru-hiker Lisa Myers describes her 2,176 mile journey on the AT, and narrates a day of life on trail!

Virtual Valley Talk Q & A: Ruth Pfeffer

Ruth Pfeffer answers FOW members’ questions on birds and birding!

Creekside Chat: Spring Ephemerals with Lisa Stout

See what’s springing up in the Wissahickon right now, including the wild and wonderful Skunk Cabbage, May Apple, Bloodroot, and Trout Lily!

Creekside Chat: What is a Watershed? With Dottie Baumgarten

Philadelphia Water Department educator Dottie Baumgarten talks to FOW about what makes a watershed, and how PWD works within our local ones. The first in a series.

Creekside Chat: Buttercup Cottage with Carol Scully and Linda Gdowik

Trail Ambassadors Carol Scully and Linda Gdowik share the fascinating history of Buttercup Cottage on Cresheim Creek!

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You probably don’t need us to tell you how special Wissahickon Valley Park is. It’s 1800 acres provides habitat to wildlife, refuge & recreation to over a million visitors per year, and protects the drinking water for one third of Philadelphians. The park can’t take care of itself, however. It needs responsible park users and stewards to keep this special place clean and sustainable for generations to come.

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