Islands in the Livestream

Valley Talks and other virtual events!

Valley Talks:

Virtual Valley Talk: Backyard Birding with Ruth Pfeffer

Avian expert and photographer Ruth Pfeffer talks about the many species of birds that you can see in your backyard, and how to see more of them!

Virtual Valley Talk: Rockin’ In the Wissahickon!

Trail Ambassadors Sarah West, Lisa Myers, and Jenny Prince discuss the geology of the Wissahickon Gorge! Ready to rock? It’s the schist!

Virtual Valley Talk: The Past and Present of the Lenape In Pennsylvania

The Lenape are the indigenous people of Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New York, New Jersey, and Northern Delaware. Council members of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, including Chief Emeritus Robert Redhawk Ruth, Chief of Education & Language Shelley DePaul, Ceremonial Chief Chuck Gentlemoon, and Storykeeper & Council Member Adam DePaul will discuss the history of the Lenape people from pre-colonial to contemporary times, the state and initiatives of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania today, and the Nation’s goals for the future.

Coming soon: Virtual Valley Talk: Art and History of the Wissahickon!

You probably don’t need us to tell you how special Wissahickon Valley Park is. It’s 1800 acres provides habitat to wildlife, refuge & recreation to over a million visitors per year, and protects the drinking water for one third of Philadelphians. The park can’t take care of itself, however. It needs responsible park users and stewards to keep this special place clean and sustainable for generations to come.

Help us take care of the park by donating or becoming a member,
or by volunteering with us at a future service day!