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Tuned In to the Wissahickon

Conservation // March 23, 2017

Our yards are perfect opportunities to increase habitat real estate for the hundreds of birds, animals, and insects that live or travel through the Wissahickon Valley Park region. With this in mind, there are many...

Walking on Thin Ice—in the Wissahickon

Education // March 15, 2017

It is never a bad day to visit the Wissahickon. However, it is sometimes treacherous under foot. When snowy trails have been compacted by foot traffic, their surfaces turn into dense ice. This ice remains...

An Iconic Tour Everyone Will Enjoy

Nature // March 09, 2017

The trailhead at Rex Avenue is surrounded by some of the most recognizable symbols of Wissahickon Valley Park and is a great starting point for a quick ramble up and down the hills of the...

All About Green at This Spring’s Valley Talks

Conservation // February 27, 2017

Join FOW this spring as we learn the history of Philadelphia’s parks and where in the Delaware Valley to find the best trees. It’s happening at our popular Valley Talks at Valley Green Inn at...

Wissahickon Safety Guidelines

News // February 22, 2017

Exercise with a partner; if exercising alone, avoid using the park during off-peak times. Be alert and go headphone free! Headphones leave you vulnerable to physical injury and crime. Vary your routine. Go at different...

From the FOW Archives: All Isn’t Really Dead in the Dead of Winter

Nature // February 22, 2017

One in an occasional series in which FOW publishes articles that appeared in our publications in the past, and still resonate with us today. This piece was written by Debbie Carr, former Director of Environmental...

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