Crew Leaders

Crew Leaders are a special corps of stewards who are trained in leading volunteer groups in the Wissahickon, building & maintaining trails, restoring habitat, and sharing their knowledge and expertise with others. They work directly with FOW staff to plan and lead volunteer work days throughout the park.

With the constant natural and human stresses on the park, Crew Leaders play an integral role in keeping the Wissahickon beautiful and sustainable for generations to come.  If you love the Wissahickon, working outdoors and meeting with people who share your interests, consider becoming a Crew Leader and be a part of FOW’s conservation mission!


Unfortunately, due to covid-19, we are not running a class for 2021. For more information or to be added to a contact list for when we begin recruiting for the next class, email Volunteer Manager Shawn Green at

If selected to join the team, you will take part in an 8-part training which runs from February through March. You will be trained in the following areas:

  • FOW Mission and our Sustainable Trails Initiative
  • Human & Natural History of Wissahickon valley
  • Wildlife & Watersheds of the Wissahickon
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Volunteer Leadership
  • Trail Maintenance and Tool Safety
  • Habitat Stewardship and Plant Identification

At the end of training, you will be prepared to lead small groups on maintenance projects throughout the park.  

Along with learning new skills and making great new friends, one of the best parts of being a Crew Leader is completing a task – whether building a new trail, removing invasives & planting natives, or improving existing trails – and being able to look back at the positive impact you’ve had on the park. The work you do directly helps our conservation mission, and earns a spot in the wild & wonderful history of Wissahickon Valley Park!