Wissahickon Valley Park Alert

News // May 13, 2016

A black bear has been spotted along Forbidden Drive near Valley Green Inn. It was last seen walking across the Creek towards Devils Pool. Please avoid these areas and use caution when hiking, and please remember to keep your dogs leashed in the Park.

Update at 6:30 PM: The bear was spotted last night in Upper Dublin Twp around 10:30 pm. The bear was initially spotted in the Wissahickon Valley Park at about 10:30-11 am near Valley Green Inn along the Wissahickon Creek today. Three Wildlife Conservation Officers & one Waterways Conservation Officer searched the area. There have been no more sightings. The search has been suspended for now until it is spotted again.

Park users should be aware of their surroundings & keep dogs on leash as they always should be. Please report sightings to the PA Game Commission at 610-926-3136 or local Police at 911. Police and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Rangers are aware of the bear’s presence.

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