What’s in a Membership?

News // August 17, 2023

Become a sustaining member with Friends of the Wissahickon and be reminded of the positive impact of your membership, of as little as $5 a month, every time you visit our beautiful Wissahickon Valley Park.

Every month, your generous donation will allow us to bring you and your community engaging programming that benefits the park, environmental education that inspires and encourages the next generation of advocates, and restorative efforts and capital improvements that ensure the quality of the park’s habitat isn’t in decline from our recreational use.

Become a member today!

We build bridges, manage stormwater runoff, improve trails from overuse, cut down invasive species, lead up to five service days every week, connect leading experts to our community, host family-friendly activities, provide educational resources, and steward our unique urban green space with the help of our members, volunteers, and generous donors.

You love your Wissahickon, and so does our community of over 3,000 members.

Our members of every level of giving enjoy invitations to our events, a quarterly newsletter, a membership card and 10% off at the Valley Green Inn restaurant. Additional benefits depending on the contribution level include your choice of FOW merch, our annual calendar, and a map of the Park.

Stewarding 2,000+ acres of the park is a big responsibility, but your contributions ensure we’re well-staffed and well-equipped for the job. With the support of our membership this year, we were able to hire five seasonal staff members to combat the effects of the summer’s increase in visitation.

This month, our members get an added perk of two extra weeks on their All Trails Journey with a special member start date of August 22.

Become a sustainer and make a lasting impact on our park.

Photo by Marian Racette