We stand with Black Lives Matter.

History // June 04, 2020

Friends of the Wissahickon stands with Black Lives Matter.  We stand against racism, violence, and white supremacy in our park, in our city and in our country. Those words must become actions small and large, from making sure that our public lands are truly welcoming and accessible to the dismantling of the systemic racism that destroys the lives of so many Black men, women and children in this country.  

 We are an organization that believes in the power of a place to build and enrich our lives and to become one community.  To truly turn this belief into action means change. Our work now is to put action behind this statement.  We will continue listening to voices other than our own and reflect on where we as an organization have come up short. We will support the work already being done in Philadelphia communities to be anti-racist in all forms. And we ask the Friends of the Wissahickon community to support this work in Wissahickon Valley Park as we move forward.