Outreach Corps

By becoming a member of the Outreach Corps, you will have the opportunity to represent Friends of the Wissahickon in the park and in surrounding communities. Many visitors to Wissahickon Valley Park have never heard of FOW and are unaware that membership in FOW is a great way to support the park they love. Personal contact with our Outreach Corps volunteers is often just what they need to take the next step and become an FOW member.

APPLY HERE- Click here to download the 2018 Volunteer Training Application.


FOW volunteers provide critical support needed to protect, preserve, and enhance Wissahickon Valley Park. Each year, our volunteers work over 12,000 hours to help FOW perform duties and complete projects that are essential for the Wissahickon to thrive, and the skills they learn can be transferred to the work sector. In exchange for their support of our mission, FOW provides volunteers with a range of benefits and special opportunities. Their work is valuable to us, and so we try to make their volunteer experience valuable for them.

FOW’s leadership volunteers complete four core classes together, during which they learn about park history, watershed health, FOW and its current projects, and First Aid/CPR/AED training.

Outreach Corps Additional Required Courses:
Staffing Membership Tables
Communications & Logistics