Volunteer Spotlight: Joe Mikuliak

Conservation // May 01, 2019

How did you decide to volunteer with FOW?
Wissahickon Valley Park is where I connected my children to the woods. After they grew up and left home, I had time to give back by volunteering most Saturday mornings to help maintain and improve the park. After I retired I wanted more, and also wanted to continue my carpentry work, so I joined the Structures Crew and am a Crew Leader.

What do you love about Wissahickon Valley Park?
Every visit there provides me with at least one memorable experience, sight, or feeling. It could be hiking a restored trail, seeing large groundhogs or a black snake, or reading the dedication on a park bench plaque. And having a place to work hard with other people who are giving back is great.

What is one of your favorite moments from volunteering with FOW?
I like using the “heavy” equipment to move the earth. I loved being trained to operate the Gator, the two Ditch Witches, the motorized wheelbarrow, and the big dumper.

How do you think FOW contributes to the Philadelphia community?
Every neighbor of mine who I’ve talked with about volunteering with FOW says they enjoy the Wissahickon Valley. While working on a Saturday service day or with the Structures Crew, people passing by say, “thank you.” In many ways, FOW makes a great asset in our city even better.

What is your favorite spot in the park?
Right now, it’s Andorra Meadow. Runner-up is Hermit’s Cave. I like wandering around in the park and finding new places, so ask me next month and I might have a different answer.


You can volunteer with FOW too!

Join us for our next Super Saturday – Spring Love Your Park Day – on Saturday, May 11th  from 9 am-1 pm. Help us plant some native trees and shrubs along a newly improved section of the lower Cresheim Trail.