Valley Green Run Restoration and Pedestrian Bridge Project

In Spring 2024, FOW will be in construction on the Valley Green Run Restoration and Pedestrian Bridge Project. It focuses on the stabilization of a crucial streambank that connects to the Wissahickon Creek and builds a new immersive experience for park users. 

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Project FAQ

When will this project take place? 

FOW anticipates that in Spring 2024, Valley Green Road will be closed for 6 months. Park visitors should not expect to have park access via Valley Green Road.   

Is Valley Green Inn open? How do I get there? 

Yes! Valley Green Inn will be open during normal business hours. Parking at the Inn will be accessible via Wises Mill Road off Henry Ave in Roxborough. See the map below for details. 

Where do I park?  

Park visitors and Valley Green Inn patrons will be able to access parking to the Valley Green Area via Wises Mill Road off Henry Ave in Roxborough. 

The Valley Green Upper Lot is closed. See the map below for other trailhead and parking locations. 

How do I get to the Wissahickon on SEPTA? 

The Valley Green Area can be accessed by the 27 Bus from the Henry Ave & Domino Lane stop. Then, take the Yellow Trail going south toward Forbidden Drive.   

Some bus routes that service the Wissahickon Valley Park area include: 

Route 9: Wissahickon Transportation Center for Lincoln Drive Trail, Yellow Trail, and Historic Rittenhouse Town, stops along Ridge Ave in Roxborough and Upper Roxborough for Yellow Trail 

Route 27: Wissahickon Transportation Center for Lincoln Drive Trail, Yellow Trail, and Historic Rittenhouse Town, Stops along Henry Ave for Yellow Trail and Forbidden Drive 

Route 53: Stops along Wayne Ave in Germantown and Mount Airy for Clifford Park, Carpenters Woods, White and Orange Trails 

To see more bus routes that service the Wissahickon Valley Park area, see the map below. 

Are there trail closures? 

Access to Orange and White trails northbound from Valley Green Road will be closed for the duration of construction. The next closest point of access is from the Hartwell Lane trailhead. Pedestrian traffic moving through the park will take the detour on Forbidden Drive from Valley Green Road to Rex Avenue.  

How can cyclists access Forbidden Drive? 

There is continued road access to Forbidden Drive at Northwestern Avenue, Bells Mill Road, and Wise’s Mill Road. There is access via the paved Lincoln Drive trail, and via gravel trails at Rex Avenue, Mt. Airy Avenue, Gorgas Lane, Jannette Street, and Kitchen’s Lane. See map below for detour options.

Why is this project happening? 

The Valley Green Run Restoration and Pedestrian Bridge Project is in response to the 2014 collapse of the Valley Green Run streambank and adjacent pedestrian access for park visitors. This $2.5 million investment will create a stable stream channel and streambank, and restore safe pedestrian access to the highest visited area of Wissahickon Valley Park. This project supports: 

Who is funding this project? 

The Valley Green Run Restoration and Pedestrian Bridge Project is supported by the PA Department of Environmental Protection, PA Commonwealth Financing Authority, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Anonymous Foundation, Wyncote Foundation, McLean Contributionship, Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, and individual donors.  

Where else can I go? Are there other great parks nearby I can visit? 

Wissahickon Valley Park offers over 50 miles of trail for visitors’ enjoyment and exploration. Explore the map below to find available trailheads in the Wissahickon. Some of our favorite places in the Wissahickon include: 

  1. Andorra Natural Area parking area available (hiker, equestrian) 
  2. Carpenter’s Woods street parking available (hiker only) 
  3. Lavender Trail street parking available (hiker only) 
  4. Houston Meadow trails street parking available (open to all) 
  5. East Falls trails street parking available (hiker, biker) 

Explore great recreation nearby: 

In Philadelphia: 

  1. Upper Roxborough Reservoir Preserve 
  2. Awbury Arboretum 
  3. Pastorius Park 
  4. Gorgas Park 
  5. Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education 

Outside Philadelphia: 

  1. Fort Washington State Park 
  2. Ridley Creek State Park 

How do I support this project? 

See below to learn about how you can support us!  

Additional questions? 


Project Overview

Click here to see more details about the project, including images of the site deterioration and renderings for the stream stabilization and bridge.

The Case for Support

As the stewards of Wissahickon Valley Park, FOW’s goals are straightforward: conserving this unique 1,800-acre urban forest for the long term through effective stormwater management while preserving that quintessential Wissahickon experience for our more than 2 million annual visitors. The Friends are making a capital investment in both these critical areas with the launch of our capital campaign for the Valley Green Run Pedestrian Bridge. 

FOW was founded in 1924 and this is a critical juncture for the organization and the park. Your support is vital as we usher in the next century of stewardship and seek to ensure the conservation and prosperity of the Wissahickon. 

As we near our centennial year in 2024, FOW is creating the next great landmark in the Wissahickon, however we still need commitments in the form of both modest donations and leadership gifts. We need investment from individuals and foundations, from those who have long counted themselves Friends of the Wissahickon and from those new to the cause. Your support is indispensable to restore safe park access for all.

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