Up for a challenge? Past ATC Challenger Stories

Events // August 06, 2020

Why should you do the FOW All Trails Challenge? 

Well, we’d say that it’s a chance to have a consistent and socially distant activity this fall, an opportunity to get to know the Wissahickon better, and a way to give back to the park that continues to give us so much. But don’t just listen to us! We asked ATC challengers from 2017, 2018, and 2019 about their All Trails Challenge Experience. Here’s what they said:

What was your motivation to do the ATC?

“Having a good reason to explore more of the Wissahickon Valley, not just Forbidden Drive.”

“I love the park, and have been walking some trails for 35 years. But always the same trails; I never ventured to the Roxborough side for example. I have had health problems in the last few years and I joined the challenge to affirm health, and to have motivation to explore ‘unknown’ parts of the park.”

“I run the trails there frequently and thought it would be a good way to raise money for the park.”

“Getting to know the neighborhood–we just moved to West Mt Airy after over a decade in South Philly–and accomplishing something big.”

What’s your favorite trail?

“Hard to say, like asking my favorite season to walk in the park. It changes with every season. I like the upper trails for their wildness. I like the small stretch of trail between Kitchen’s Lane and Monastery stables for its incredible wildflowers – red trilliums and evancescent trout lilies.”

“Andorra Meadow. I love the beautiful vistas and the farm house ruins.”

“My favorite trail this past fall has been the Orange Trail on the Chestnut Hill side of the creek. I love the more technical trail and all the landmarks (Devil’s Pool, Fingerspan Bridge). Last year I would have said the trail leading to Houston Meadow – I love tackling the tough climb at Bell’s Mill Road.”

“The trail from Wissahickon Ave to Gypsy Lane on the south side of Lincoln Drive. I call this trail “Two Fox” since I had a run-in with two foxes on the trail there once.”

What do you want from the next ATC?

“My goal was to run 50 miles of trails in a weekend, but lack of training foiled my plans. I guess this gives me an excuse to come back next year!”

“I have loved exploring new trails, and want to go back to all of them as the leaves fall to see how they look in the next seasons.”

Want to learn more? The ATC Virtual Warmup information event is tonight, and you can sign up here to go over tracking and hike apps, setup for your fundraising page, tips for getting donors, sharing updates with friends and family, limiting exposure during the time of COVID-19, and more with us. We’re looking forward to seeing you at 6 pm!