Support local producers on your next hike in the All Trails Challenge

Uncategorized // November 17, 2021

While journeying through the Wissahickon Valley Park it’s so important to stay fueled; hydration, a great snack, and some rest can go a long way! Keep up your momentum while you’re finishing up your 50 miles for the All Trails Challenge with some of these recommendations from our sponsors at Philly Foodworks!

Looking for some healthy snacks to keep you energized? Instead of grabbing a box of bars from your local big-name grocery store, why not try something from a local business? Smaller, nearby operations are typically more mindful of where they source their ingredients, and that means you get more health benefits in every bite. Here are five of our favorite locally made trail-friendly noshes, all available in the Philly Foodworks online market:

  • Granola from Metropolitan Bakery (Philadelphia)—Try their Pomegranate-Cinnamon flavor or gluten-free mix, or add some extra pep to your step with Coffee–Chocolate Chip.
  • Fresh pears and apples from farms in the greater Philadelphia area—Power up with vitamins C and K, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants, plus healthy calories (you’ll get about 100 calories from one whole pear or apple). When you buy produce from local farmers, not only are you supporting small businesses in your region, but you’re also ensuring that you get the most nutrients for your money; the shorter the travel time from the farm to your kitchen, the more vitamins and minerals are retained in the fruit.
  • Raw nuts from (Hillside, NJ)—Get just the right boost of plant-based protein with 2-ounce snack packs of organic raw almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, or pepitas (pumpkin seeds).
  • To-go shortbread cookie packs from Blake’s Mother’s Cookies (Lafayette Hill, PA)—Made from organic and thoughtfully sourced ingredients in comforting flavors like Seasweep Lemon and Long Lane Lavender, these crunchy little treats will bring you back to childhood walks in the park (skipping optional).
  • Granola bars from Lenka Bar (York County, PA)—Keep up your stamina with fiber-rich bars made of rolled oats, crisp brown rice, dried fruit, natural sweeteners, nuts and/or seeds, organic spices, and other simple, high-quality ingredients.
  • Beef jerky from Brooklyn Biltong (Brooklyn, NY)—Up your energy and invigorate your taste buds with a 2-ounce package of flavor-packed beef jerky. The beef they use is sustainably and humanely raised, and their flavors are exciting and comforting at the same time, perfect for adding some zest to an extra-long journey.

Pro tip: Help us keep the Wissahickon litter-free by packing a beeswax wrap or reusable bag to stash any wrappers or trash along the way.

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