Spring Cleaning at the Wissahickon

Events // April 26, 2023

This weekend, you may plan to clean out that junk drawer that’s stuffed with batteries and expired coupons as a refresh. Perhaps you’ll box up your down-coats and mittens and move your couch to vacuum up everything that’s disappeared behind it, in the name of Spring cleaning. We hope you’ll find the time to pencil us in for a FOW kind of Spring cleaning this Saturday, April 29, at our Annual Creek-Cleanup in coordination with Wissahickon Trails.

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Not unlike your highly trafficked living room couch, Bells Mill Road and its parallel tributary are due for a refresh. Bells Mill Road is the only street that intersects Forbidden Drive, causing high-volume traffic and a fair amount of litter. With your help, we’ll collect the litter that washes downstream, especially during high-precipitation times of the year.

Making sure our watershed is taken care of is our most essential work. Removing trash from our streams is an important step in ensuring that our water is clean and safe to drink for over 300,000 Philadelphians who are supplied with water from the park’s network of tributaries.

Unfortunately, our watershed oftentimes suffers from development, stormwater runoff, flood damage, change in climate, and of course, trash. But we always have the opportunity to mitigate the effects of all of these factors. Let’s continue to invest in our planet and ride the high of a successful Earth Day into our Annual Creek Cleanup!

We’ve organized a full road closure for the morning of April 29, starting at 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM, and we will have two meetup locations, one on Forbidden Drive in Chestnut Hill and another in Roxborough on Lykens Lane.

Photo by Charles Uniatowski