Looking for Earth Day Plans this Weekend? Look No Further than Super Mega!

News // April 17, 2024

This Saturday, we’re showing love to the Wissahickon Valley Park at Super Mega, a huge five-location service day with a variety of tasks and so many ways for you to get involved. Whatever your skillset, we have a job for you that will make a big impact!

Celebrate Earth Day and our 100th anniversary by registering for one of our five locations here on 4/20 here:

Valley Greenjoin this location to clean out stormwater infrastructure.

Harvey Streetjoin this location for planting site maintenance, trail work, and invasive plant removal. 

Blue Bell ParkJoin this location for park beautification, litter clean-up, and storm-water infrastructure cleaning. 

Ridge Avenuejoin this location for litter clean-up and cleaning up the paved bike path. 

Bells Mill & Forbidden Drivejoin this location for a mix of litter clean-up and park beautification. Thank you, Green Mountain Energy, for sponsoring this location!

Investing in our park goes beyond a day of service, and thanks to our volunteer Corp, we can continue to protect and restore 2,000 acres of parkland, year after year. Check out some of the work at these sites we’ve been able to accomplish with the help of our 1,500 individual volunteers.  Locations are listed in order of need for volunteers!

Valley Green, you know it, you love it. Perhaps it was your first introduction to the Wissahickon. Your weekly escape to nature. Where you learned to skip rocks or ride a bike.

Situated right along the Drive, with easy access to Orange, White, and Yellow Trails, and home to the last of the Roadhouses that are still in service, Valley Green Inn, the Valley Green area is a visitation hotspot that’s always in need of a little love. At Super Mega, we’ll focus on cleaning out the essential stormwater infrastructure that prevents flooding in the area.

At our Harvey Street location, FOW has worked with the neighborhood on the implementation of improved trails and amenities, inclusive of a brand-new kiosk, restored stone staircases, removed invasives, and plans to replace the Harvey Street’s crumbling sidewalk and build a new mid-block crosswalk.

Our work at this location is all part of the Germantown Neighborhood Connection, a project to create more accessible pedestrian access with an expanded trail network to the main stem of the park, install newly defined signage and wayfinding, restore the native plant habitat, and share the magic of the Wissahickon with everyone. If you haven’t visited the trails at Harvey Street yet, Super Mega might be the perfect introduction with planting site maintenance, trail work, and invasive plant removal.

Up next is Ridge Avenue, right at the southern tip of the park, where Wissahickon Creek flows into the Schuylkill River. This location is where the Lincoln Drive Trail and the Schuylkill River Trail connect. Both trails are part of the Circuit Trail and serve the many commuters who work downtown and the surrounding areas. How lucky are we to have a safer way to bike all the way to Center City? Join us at this location to help keep this essential trail segment and the adjacent streambank clean and prevent trash from ending up in the creek, where 1 in 3 Philadelphians receive its drinking water.

We’ll be hanging out at Bells Mill to clean up litter and beautify the area. This is one of the most visited access points in the park. Due to the high volume of visitors, it’s also one of the most popular places to litter. Not only does trash poorly impact visitors’ experiences, but it is also detrimental to the fish and other wildlife in the area. Thankfully, our volunteers have our backs!

Thank you to our volunteers. We’re a small staff, and our work would not be possible without those who donate their time to us to tackle the big responsibility of protecting the park! If you’re new here, don’t worry; we’ll take good care of you. Everything you need to volunteer will be provided, even a post workday party at Wissahickon Brewing. If you’ve already registered for the workday, find your invitation to the picnic in your confirmation email.