Discovering the Wissahickon’s WPA Structures

News // May 23, 2024

Last week, we were joined by Architect Kate Cowing for her Valley Talk to uncover the history of the Wissahickon’s WPA Structures. Her presentation is adapted from her thesis project, which was funded by Friends of the Wissahickon in 1996. We’re proud to have her back to share her findings with us today!

These buildings that are nestled across the Wissahickon Valley were funded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal as a way to reinvigorate the economy during the Great Depression. Today, they serve both functional and aesthetic purposes and are undeniably fixtures of the greater natural landscape that surrounds them.

When you see these WPA Structures, you think of the Wissahickon. But do you know their history?

Discover the history of the ten buildings, picnic areas, guard shelters, toilet buildings, picnic shelters, and unique trail end structures here on our YouTube channel.

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