Wissahickon East Park Small Area Plan

Current Projects // August 31, 2015

Status: Funded; Planning
Funded by: City of Philadelphia through the Department of Parks & Recreation

Arlene Bennett Park (also known as Wissahickon East Park) was acquired by the City of Philadelphia in 2013 after a lengthy campaign by the Wissahickon East Project, a community group focused on its continued preservation. The property is comprised of six acres of woodlands parallel to the old Reading Railroad right of way south-east of Cresheim Valley Drive. It is accessible via entry at the intersection of Woodbrook Lane and Anderson Street in East Mount Airy. Cresheim Creek, a tributary of Wissahickon Creek, runs through the property.

Using funding provided by the City of Philadelphia, FOW will lead a small area planning process for the newly acquired parcel.

The plan will:

  • Identify community goals for the park. Develop a cohesive vision.
  • Describe existing conditions and provide a detailed base map which identifies the physical and biological features of the site.
  • Provide an assessment of the condition of existing PWD infrastructure (sewer and outfall) at the upper end of the park site and suggest design strategies for rehabilitation.
  • Conduct a geomorphic and hydrologic evaluation of the property which identifies critical erosion areas both along the stream channel and on adjacent land.
  • Where necessary, develop concept level designs for stream channel stabilization.
  • Identify and describe restoration opportunities for upland areas of the park.
  • Develop a proposed implementation schedule, indicating the appropriate sequence of development activities.