Volunteer Spotlight- Trail Ambassadors Eileen & Gordon Best

Newsletter // October 24, 2018

Let’s check in with volunteer Trail Ambassadors (and married couple!) Eileen & Gordon Best, who have been volunteering with FOW since 2017.

How did you decide to volunteer with FOW?
We did two or three hikes with Maura when we first moved here. We met a few staff members on the hikes and were encouraged to volunteer. And we thought it was a good way to meet people, being new to the area.

What do you love about Wissahickon Valley Park?
We feel when we’re at the park, we’re not in the city any longer. There are so many areas to explore; it’s like a new experience every time we hike. We love how the park is so clean and well maintained, and always being improved. We also love that it has such a great history.

What is it like to volunteer as a couple?
Very easy. We plan hikes and do most scheduled activities together. Gordon is really good at map reading, and Eileen is not, but there’s usually consensus as to where we’ll hike each time.

How do you think FOW contributes to the Philadelphia community?
Through good stewardship of the Wissahickon. People from all over the city visit and enjoy the park. By offering hikes on various topics led by Trail Ambassadors, FOW expands knowledge of the park and nature in general. FOW’s talks at Valley Green Inn are another way they get the community involved.

What is your favorite spot in the park?
Gordon’s [favorite spot] is right in front of the Valley Green Inn. There are ducks and geese and snakes usually sunning themselves. There are people to talk to there, and it’s a good starting off point. Eileen likes the small creeks that ripple and gurgle. On the path that starts at Houston Meadow, there are a few small bridges over such creeks. She likes to sit and watch and listen—so peaceful!