It’s Not Too Late to Complete the All Trails Challenge!

Conservation // November 16, 2016

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Are you finding it a challenge to complete all fifty miles for FOW’s All Trails Challenge? FOW’s Executive Director Maura McCarthy is here to help. She will be leading two hikes on November 22 and 29 (details below).

“The All Trails Challenge (ATC) is one of the most exciting events we’ve ever done at FOW,” says McCarthy. “It’s an opportunity for the public to support the work we do in the park while exploring it on foot, bike, or horseback. And it will be an adventure for people who don’t visit the park often, as well as those who grew up in the Wissahickon, because to complete the Challenge, they will need to venture into areas of the park they may not know.”

Wissahickon Valley Park faces recurring threats to its survival from stormwater runoff, invasive species, non-native plants, water pollutants, and heavy use by the 1.1 million visitors it receives every year. Fortunately, these enthusiastic park users are also one of the Wissahickon’s greatest assets: they keep it safe; their presence makes it a vibrant public resource; and they care for it, through volunteer work, financial support, public advocacy, and membership in Friends of the Wissahickon. That is why FOW launched the All Trails Challenge this fall to raise funds to preserve the Wissahickon by encouraging park users to do what they love the most—using the Wissahickon. It’s not too late to meet your goal!

Maura has been visiting the Wissahickon Valley Park since childhood and would like to share some of her favorite hikes as well as hear your ATC experiences! Click on the date to register for a hike or join the Challenge here!