Top Ten Tips for Staying Well in the Spring

Newsletter // April 05, 2015

10. Declare it and it is so! Use your stored power from winter to declare what you want. Generate joy and confidence as you see your visions manifest!

9. Practice making short and long term plans. Use discipline and flexibility. You could plan to take weekly walks in the Wissahickon, or you might wake up one morning and decide to go for a walk. Both are great ways to practice planning and following through.

8. Exercise your eyes by focusing wide, far, and close. Then, close your eyes. Focus inwards. You can try this is at the Indian statue and the covered bridge in the Wissahickon.

7. It’s pruning time. Let go of what is no longer necessary (things, thoughts, etc.). While on your next jog in the Wissahickon, notice the trees and limbs that have fallen. Nature has its way of removing weaknesses to make room for new growth. Luckily, we do not have to break our limbs to grow. We can simply notice any thoughts or belongings that no longer serve in our lives, and choose to let them go.

6. Pay attention to your dreams and be creative with your interpretations. Did you dream of drinking a delicious smoothie at The Cedars House? What does it mean?

5. Have a routine for sleep, eating, and exercise. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Regular exercise will keep your qi moving smoothly. Eat green vegetables. Incorporate peppery and bitter tastes. Create an attitude of gratitude while cooking and eating. The Cedars House has great healthy foods for your nourishing enjoyment.

4. Wear a scarf (even when it’s warm) to protect your neck from the wind. Be prepared for fickle indecisive weather outside and in your way of being.

3. Allow frustration and anger to move through you. It is best to do this away from other people. You can shout into a pillow, punch the air, scream in the car with closed windows, and cry. Wait and breathe. Then, let it go, or be creative and take effective action. The Wissahickon is a great place to let the emotions move through you, and reconnect with nature and your deeper sense of being.

2. When you notice yourself in opposition to a person or situation, ask “what else is possible?” Be flexible, benevolent, and willing to see beyond your expectations. Those trees and limbs that still stand in the Wissahickon are stronger after this past winter. We are like these trees when we choose to grow stronger from the opportunities disguised in a challenging situation.

1. Please follow these suggestions to the degree that they are helpful for you. Pay attention to your unique body. In springtime, focus on your liver, which stores emotions, and your tendons and ligaments, which enhance flexibility.

Rachel Kriger, Licensed Acupuncturist, helps people of all ages feel more ease in their lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Contact Rachel to learn about receiving acupuncture at The Cedars House and implementing these tips at 215-495-3229 or

Derived from the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements.

By Rachel Kriger, M.Ac., L.Ac.