Only Three Miles Left to Go!

Current Projects // October 11, 2016


Mark Lashley, of Mt. Airy is one of the top three mileage achievers in the All Trails Challenge. As of last week, he had completed 47 miles of the 50 total miles in the Challenge. FOW talked with him about why he is doing the All Trails Challenge. Learn how you can join the Challenge here.

How have you explored the trails?

I’ve been running the trails almost exclusively. I would say I’ve done about 6-7 miles just doing leisurely hikes or walking my dog, but the bulk of my distance has been from running. I even bought my first pair of trail shoes just to do the Challenge!

What made you want to take the All Trails Challenge?

I’ve loved the Wissahickon and have spent a lot of time on Forbidden Drive, but the Challenge gave me an excuse to check out more of the park. I’d seen the signs for it, and had a friend sign up, so I kind of said “me too,” and we started a team.

What have you learned about the park?

I’ve been amazed at how many different types of terrain and scenery there is in the park. Each trail has its own unique characteristics and it’s fun to design routes that give you a variety of things to experience. I remember discovering the Houston Meadow for the first time and being amazed by the scenery and how the rest of the park looks from up there.

Interviewed by Erin Mooney, FOW Publicist