Thank You, We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You

News // November 29, 2023

We did it! You, me, and our community of Wissahickon lovers reached our Giving Tuesday fundraising goal of $25,000!

We can’t say “thank you” enough, but we’ll try.

Successes like this are what keep our organization going. Your generous donations are a part of everything we do to keep our park a beautiful, resilient place for our community, which relies on it as an essential part of daily life.

We wear many hats as the stewards of 2,000 acres of beautiful parkland, and with our role comes with a long list of priorities for the coming year. But we managed to distill it down to three essential projects that your generous donations in part will support!

This year we aim to provide necessary restoration to the Rex Avenue Bridge’s arch and the wing walls of the Thomas Mill Covered Bridge, two essential historical touchstones of the park. We want to ensure these iconic facets of the park are protected and remain functional and picturesque for generations to come.

Your contributions will support our Junior Steward program, an internship our Field Team offers to Philadelphia public high school students, and our Little Friends program, fully funded field trips and classroom visits for Philadelphia elementary schoolers in coordination with our partners at Let’s Go Outdoors. These opportunities to interact with nature, receive hands-on training, and environmental education that encourage children and teens to feel confident in the great outdoors are meaningful experiences we’re grateful to be able to provide.

Lastly, your investment will help facilitate our largest capital project to date, the Valley Green Run Restoration and Pedestrian Bridge Project. Ensuring the health of our waterways and increasing access to our park are longstanding goals for FOW, and this project exemplifies our commitment to them.

With such big goals for the future, we can’t say that this is the last time we’ll ask for your help, but we would like to extend another thank you for always lending us a hand!

Photo courtesy of Tom Lo