Tackle the All Trails Challenge this Fall

News // June 21, 2023

If you’ve needed a reason to prioritize the simple things in life, take this as a sign. We’re kicking off our 8th Annual All Trails Challenge at the end of this summer, a race of sorts that isn’t about the speed at which you trek it, but your commitment to finishing.

ATC is a 10-week long event that encourages those who take on the challenge to simply enjoy the great outdoors, explore trails less traveled, and meet like-minded adventurers along the way by attempting to venture all 50+ miles of trails the Wissahickon has to offer!

FOW Members can get a leg up on the competition by signing up on August 22; registration will open for everyone on September 5. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the ride, with the challenge running through November 3.

Questions? We’ll hold a virtual info session covering the challenge, how to log your miles, and important dates on August 8.  

Whether your schedule is jam-packed with carpool pick-ups, check-ups for this, and appointments for that, or you’re looking for something to keep a place in your calendar throughout the fall, ATC is perfect for you. We’ve got your back with weekly route recommendations to keep you on the trail and out of your comfort zone by taking you to different sections of the park each week!

Take the scenic route with us and benefit the park while doing it! Become a challenger this fall!