Seven Tips for Getting Your ATC Page the Attention It Deserves!

News // September 26, 2018

By Cesali Renn, FOW’s Development and Outreach Assistant

1.Document Your Adventures
Take photos while you are out on the trails – then take more photos! Pictures of the landscape are great but also make sure to include pictures of yourself. The more you engage with your page, the more your community will engage! Really give everyone a behind the scenes look into your 50-mile journey. Always be sure to acknowledge the feedback you’re getting. When your friends and family see your hard work they will be more likely to donate.

2. Use Email
Don’t underestimate the power of your email address book. Let your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers know about the challenge. Share a personal update and a brief note about why you decided to take the All Trails Challenge. Make sure you include a picture and of course, your supporter link!

3. Ask Your Employer
Make sure to ask your employer if they can match your donation or are willing to donate to your ATC supporter page. It may be tax deductible! A large donation may inspire others to continue supporting you.

4. Be the First
Be the first to donate to your ATC supporter page! It really motivates others when you display your enthusiasm. Share, share and share your contribution! Also, be the first to contribute to a friend’s page – send them your encouragement!

5. Have Goals
Set specific fundraising goals then let people know how much you would like them to donate. Having a defined target can make it feel reachable for yourself and your community. Energize the generosity with a clear objective.

6. Share Why
The Wissahickon Valley Park is important – share why this challenge means something to you! Whether it’s because of FOW’s restoration work, protection of drinking water, or habitat for wildlife, let everyone know why this is a cause worth supporting. Tell personal moments and stories that will help them understand why you are participating in the ATC. Beyond contributing to your page they may want to start the challenge themselves.

7. Be Direct (Literally)
Always give your supporters a direct link back to your page! Update your email signature to include your supporter page link! Ask your friends and family to include it in their email signature as well. Make the link your “dedicated website” on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profile. Be sure to always link to your page in any post you make.

The trails are calling! If you haven’t already, sign up to take the All Trails Challenge here and set up your fundraising page!