Return of the Stewards

Making a difference from a safe social distance!

The novel virus Covid-19 has made the past months extremely challenging in many ways, one of which is the stewardship of Wissahickon Valley Park. We are so grateful to the handful of volunteers that have continued to clean & improve the park during this time. As Philadelphia begins to ease restrictions, we will begin to return to organized volunteer work in the park.

We will be moving slowly and cautiously. Our highest priority is always the safety of our volunteers. We always ask everyone to work within their own comfort level, and the risk of Covid-19 is no different. If you do not feel comfortable working in the park during this time, please don’t. Stay home, stay safe. When/if you do feel comfortable volunteering in the field, come back and follow these steps.


Thank you so much for your continued interest in taking care of Wissahickon Valley Park! In order to return to volunteering in park, existing FOW volunteer leaders must complete both of the following items:

  • VOLUNTEER SURVEY – Complete the survey by clicking the appropriate link below. This not only indicates to us that you are interested in volunteering in the park, but tells us what specific activities you are comfortable with.  
  • VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT & RELEASE – When you submit the above survey, you will automatically be directed to complete an updated digital Volunteer Agreement & Release. Even if you previously completed this document (prior to June 2020) you must submit this. Household members working with existing Crew Leaders and Trail Ambassadors must also complete this agreement/release before volunteering. 

The survey and new agreement must be submitted before you will be
able to volunteer with Friends of the Wissahickon.


Covid-19 has changed the world we live in. As such, we must adjust how we operate. Our highest priority is always the safety of our volunteers. Before you can return to the field, you must watch the below virtual training on Covid-19 awareness and increased FOW safety requirements. After viewing the training video, complete the short quiz to verify that you understand the risks and safety guidelines.

Don’t forget to complete this quiz after viewing the above training video:


Once you have completed the survey, volunteer agreement/release, and training, Staff will coordinate with you for a contact-free pick-up and drop-off of tools, if needed. Volunteers during this time will be given special safety vests and FOW-branded face masks.

Volunteers will be required to adhere to safety guidelines, as well as staying within the scope of the work as laid out by FOW staff. Volunteer leaders working with members of their “Safety Circle” (other volunteers, members of your household, or friends/family/neighbors that you trust) are required to ensure that those working have completed the volunteer agreement/release, and are adhering to safety guidelines.

Following completion of a stewardship project or shift, you will be required to complete a virtual Field Report, letting us know what was completed, how long it took, and who took part in the work.

We are so grateful to the many volunteers that keep Wissahickon Valley Park a clean and sustainable treasure. You truly are the heart & soul of this park.

Any questions can be directed to Shawn Green,
Volunteer Manager at