Support the Wildlife in the Wissahickon Valley Park for #GivingTuesdayNow!

Join FOW in celebrating #GivingTuesdayNow on May 5th as a response to the need caused by COVID-19. We’re participating in creating a wave of generosity with communities around the world, and you can help today!

This Giving Tuesday Now, help protect critical wildlife habitat by symbolically adopting a habitat box – and the Eastern Bluebird or Wood Duck in it – though FOW’s habitat box program!

The Wissahickon is a haven for hundreds of species including native Eastern Bluebird and Wood Duck, which are threatened by invasive nest competitors and disappearing habitat. By installing habitat boxes, we ensure that they have a place to nest in the park – and by symbolically adopting one, you can preserve their habitat for years to come.

  • $50 allows FOW to monitor a habitat box for one year – and you to symbolically adopt a wood duck or bluebird in the Wissahickon! Includes one FOW certificate of adoption.

  • $100 repairs and cleans an existing habitat box for one year – and we’ll send you an information sheet on your adopted bird’s behavior and habitat.

  • $250 supports an annual workshop to train volunteers on monitoring and cleaning boxes – and we’ll send you a framed picture of your bird along with its info sheet and certificate!

  • $1,000 installs a new habitat box – we’ll commemorate your generosity with a plaque in the Valley Green Warming Shed for Wood Ducks or the Andorra Natural Area for Bluebirds.