Embrace Nature with Good Night Wissahickon Valley Park

Nature // August 23, 2016

What were your favorite books as a child? Do you remember what your parents read to you? Were the settings of the stories in the outdoors? Today’s children may have far fewer books on their lists that deal with the natural world.

In 2012, a study published in the journal Sociological Inquiry revealed that children’s books indicate that children are becoming increasingly isolated from nature. The study analyzed 296 Caldecott Medal Award Winners from 1938 to 2008 and found that over time, depictions of nature show up half as much as depictions of man-made environments. Before 1960, depictions of nature and the man-made world were about equal among children’s classics.

There’s no argument that Good Night Wissahickon Valley Park, FOW’s new children’s book, depicts nature. The brightly colored picture book takes children on a hike through Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley Park. Along the way there are stops to view natural landmarks, such as Devil’s Pool, say hello to wildlife, and appreciate the forest, creek, and plant life. Children from the Philadelphia area who read this book, or have it read to them, and have visited the Wissahickon, may feel a stronger connection to nature than they would through other nature picture books. And if you haven’t taken your child to Wissahickon Valley Park yet, perhaps this book will be your gateway to this unique urban wilderness.

FOW will be hosting a book launch for Good Night Wissahickon Valley Park on Saturday, September 10, from 10 am to noon at the Wissahickon Environmental Center. This children’s book is sure to delight pre-schoolers and their parents, and perhaps become one of your child’s favorite books. Register for this fun-filled family event here. 

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