Eleven Ways to Support the Wissahickon

News // December 20, 2023

We all have our own special connection with the Wissahickon, from the way we recreate, who we enjoy it with, and where we venture off to. It’s no wonder we all have our unique way of supporting it.

Looking to do more?

Here are a few ways you can support the Wissahickon this holiday season:

Donate 100 for 100- Gift FOW  a donation of $100 for 100 years of progress in the Wissahickon. 2024 will be a year of celebration as we usher in our next century of stewardship with ambitious capital projects, large-scale clean-ups, important restoration work, and training the next generation of stewards. Donate here today.

Volunteer with us- at our peak in the summer, FOW hosts five weekly service days! With 2,000+ acres to care for, it’s essential we have boots on the ground to assist with a variety of projects throughout the week. No experience is required, come out and work with friendly staff and volunteers who remove litter, keep trails ready for recreation, plant beautiful fauna, and much more! Find a day that works for you, and sign up for a volunteer day here.

Rep the Wiss- Wear your love for the Wissahickon on your sleeve with our awesome merch (or gift it to a loved one). The iconic Thomas Mill Covered Bridge shirt in red (obviously), a detailed Wissahickon Park map in a long-sleeve, tank-top, or t-shirt, our fan-fav frog t-shirt, and much more! Check out our shop here.

Bring out the whole gang for a corporate service day- with all hands on deck, we can tackle huge projects! Are you looking for a great way for you and your team to encourage civic engagement, boost workplace morale, and build a tight-knit company? Do all that and more at a private, corporate service day. Consider becoming a corporate sponsor and organizing a workday with us here.

Give the gift of stock- Donate stock to FOW, our transfer information is: DTC #: 0062, Vanguard Discount Brokerage, Acct #: 23501307

Become a Wissahero- if you’ve ever wondered, ‘Who’s going to clean up all this litter?’ Wissahero is a great opportunity to be the change you’d like to see in the park… find out more about our solo clean-up program here.

See if your organization will double the impact- Make stewardship your business. See if your place of work will match donations here. In addition to cash donations, some companies will match gifts donated by spouses or retirees and even match volunteer hours with cash.

Tell a friend- Outreach happens everywhere. Make sure to share volunteer opportunities, Wissahickon history, and the importance of supporting community organizations, like FOW, that reinvest in their community. Find out more about our mission here.

Why not give to a good cause- You can give any amount up to $100,000 from your IRA to a qualified charity like FOW without paying income taxes on your contribution. You can use this gift beginning in the year you turn 73 to satisfy the required minimum distribution from your IRA. Please consult your financial advisor for more information.

Don’t forget to renew your commitment to the park- Become a Friend of the Wissahickon or renew your membership! You will be joining a community of over 3,000 like-minded people who have made an investment in and value this local treasure. If you need a refresher, find out a few more perks here.

Be an advocate for our parks- Philadelphians know the importance of equitable green spaces. Be an advocate for places like the Wissahickon when you’re at the ballot box. Find out what our city can do to support a great park in every neighborhood here.