Reporting Damages

Help us gather accurate damage data about the park!

Survey123 App Instructions

This ArcGIS survey will be an ongoing survey that will help us plan service days or know what small projects are needed throughout the park.  This survey is only for Crew Leaders and Trail Ambassadors.  This is not meant for the general public, yet so please do not share the link with anyone outside of those two groups.

You can click on the link below and open it in either a web browser or download the Survey123 app on your phone.  The difference being that in the app you can save your submission and edit it later before submitting it.  Due to spotty reception within the park, one advantage of using the app versus using a web browser is that you can save multiple submissions and then send them all  in when you get home or have a better signal.  

The Survey123 app does not work with free ArcGIS accounts, therefore you will not be able to edit a submission that you had previously sent in.  We have not found a way to allow you to edit your previous submissions but will keep looking into this with ArcGIS customer support to see if we can find a way around it.  For now this is the best solution for us to collect the data of problems throughout the park.

To use the Survey123 app with our survey please follow these instructions:

  1. Download the app here:
    1. IOS:
    2. Android: 
  2. Do not try and sign in to the app after you download, it will not work unless you have a paid license from ESRI.
  3. Click on this link for the survey
  4. You will be prompted to either open the survey in a web browser or the app. Choose the app
  5. You can now open the app at any time and it will not bring up the sign in page but instead open to a list of the surveys you have access to and you can begin to report damages

Please use this survey while you are out in the park at any time to submit any problems with the park.  Be sure to click on the map and make sure the pin is in the correct location. 

Here is a helpful video that shows how to use the Survey123 App.

Questions? Contact Varian Bosch at