FOW Community Standards

As Friends of the Wissahickon, we expect members of the FOW community to treat each other and all park users with respect and courtesy, including online. We will remove posts and comments that are not up to our community standards and ban commenters who repeatedly break these rules. We reserve the right to remove posts that:

– are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable;

– contain swear words or other language likely to offend;

– advertise products or services for profit or gain;

– include contact details such as phone numbers, postal or email addresses;

– contain links to other websites which break our editorial guidelines;

– describe or encourage activities which could endanger the safety or well-being of others;

– are considered to be ‘spam’, that is posts containing the same, or similar, message posted multiple times.

If you need to report a post, comment, or member of the community’s actions, please message us through Facebook messenger with documentation and we will judge whether they are in line with our community standards. Please DO NOT report comments on the page.