Comin’ in Hot: The 2022 All Trails Challenge!

News // July 13, 2022

Strap on your running, hiking, biking, or riding shoes because it’s almost time for the All Trails Challenge!

The All Trails Challenge (ATC) was launched by Friends of the Wissahickon in 2016 to encourage park visitors to explore Wissahickon Valley Park’s 1,800 acres and 50+ trails while supporting FOW’s extensive conservation work.

Since then, this event has grown, both in participation and funds raised, to maintain the delicate balance between sustaining a healthy ecosystem and being a welcoming, accessible recreational resource for the millions of visitors who love the park. You don’t have to complete all 50 miles (although some have) or be an athlete to join the ATC, and it’s not a race.

There are many reasons why families, friends, and individuals of all ages and fitness levels join to hike, walk, run, bike or horseback ride through the Wissahickon. In honor of the ATC’s seventh year, here are seven of the most popular ones:

  • Help the park
  • Personal challenge
  • Physical, mental & emotional wellbeing
  • Improved motivation
  • Experience nature
  • Explore more of the Wissahickon’s history, geology, and points of interest
  • Connect with like-minded people

This fun-filled event spans over multiple months. If you want to learn more, sign up for our virtual info-session on August 9th. Register here!

Special thanks to our 2022 All Trails Challenge sponsors!
Your business can become a sponsor for this popular event too! Contact Maeve Pollack at for more information!