Andorra Stormwater Management and Sediment Reduction Project

Current Projects // August 31, 2015


August 2015 Status: Funded; Planning
Funded by: PA Department of Environmental Protection

This project will take place on the grounds of the Wissahickon Environmental Center (WEC), also known as “the Tree House,” which is located at 300 W Northwestern Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118.  The center is located in a basin surrounded by forested hillsides.  Before becoming part of the park in 1977, this area was used as a commercial tree farm and years of intensive land use have had a major impact on natural hydrologic functioning.  Today, significant volumes of stormwater runoff from the surrounding forested hill sides and Northwestern Avenue routinely cause flooding and damage to the center’s grounds.  The basin is drained by a deeply eroded stormwater channel which is a tributary of Wissahickon Creek.

Beginning in 2016, FOW will hire a contractor to develop and implement a stormwater management  system upslope of the center and to create plans for future stabilization of the center’s lower driveways and an adjacent tributary.

Project goals:

      • Protect the Wissahickon Environmental Center from damage/flooding during rain events via the implementation of stormwater management practices.
      • Promote ground water infiltration and reduce the flow of sediment into Wissahickon Creek.
      • Develop construction ready plans for the stabilization of the Environmental Center’s lower driveway and the adjacent stormwater channel.